Shafeez Walji

Toronto, ON
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During my time at ShareDesk, I helped build the brand and product experience for the company as a whole, and for Optix — a platform that powers smart offices and coworking spaces around the world.

Product Design
Art Direction

Building a new identity.

As the company has shifted from a single business model into multiple products, the brand identity also needed to shift — In a direction that represents both the Marketplace and Optix as their separate entities, while showing the two come together as one. Here's a look into the new branding and some of its various applications.

ShareDesk - SignageShareDesk - ApparelShareDesk - Business cards
ShareDesk - Brand Identity

The process behind the mark.

While the shape looks immediately simple, careful refinement of the half circle was necessary to creating a balanced composition. To the naked eye, a semi-circle felt incomplete and as if the two shapes would fall down. With a subtle adjustment of using 6/10 of a circle for each piece, the balance and proportion felt natural and impactful.

ShareDesk - Logo sketch
ShareDesk - Logo grid
ShareDesk - Logomark Rules & Grids

A fresh look for Optix.

A new marketing site was integral to the re-launch of Optix. This would introduce an updated platform as well as the new brand identity and design system. The following shots provide a quick look at the UI, but you can also take a look at the website for the full experience.

Optix marketing website - HomepageOptix marketing website - Features PageOptix marketing website - TestimonialsOptix marketing website - Integrations
Optix - Marketing Website

Telling the product story of Optix through a video.

Gearing up for NeoCon in Chicago, we collaborated with Pushr and Werklab to create our first product video for Optix. The idea was to paint a picture of the platform and show its impact on smart offices and coworking spaces.

Optix - Product Video

Onboarding venues into Optix.

Our next step was getting venues easily setup with their account. Listing out everything we'd need from the user at the end of the sign-up process helped define when to ask for each piece of information, what was optional, and what could be asked later. This kept our priority and focus on the overall flow and experience, followed by a visual design that would embody our new identity.

Optix onboarding - Flow
Optix onboarding - UI
Optix - Venue Onboarding

Adding enterprise level analytics.

Adding beacon tracking to Optix was a big driver in getting enterprises interested. It provides the ability to track utilization, bookings, and presence, helping create data-driven insights. All of this required a new thought process behind the experience and look of the analytics component.

Optix - Enterprise analytics 1Optix - Enterprise analytics 2Optix - Enterprise analytics 3
Optix - Web Application

Work anywhere.

As the number of coworking spaces continue to grow on ShareDesk's Marketplace, we wanted to celebrate our impact. But doing it at the right time was key. With #internationalcoworkingday approaching, this was the chance to put our mark on the world. Literally.

ShareDesk - Work anywhere
ShareDesk - Social Post