Shafeez Walji

Toronto, ON
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The quickest way to experience privilege in society, and its impact on people of colour. Go experience it for yourself.

Art Direction
UX/UI Design

Check your privilege.

Being called a terrorist as a kid wasn't uncommon. Back then I would turn it into a joke so that I wouldn't have to feel anything more. But after a racial encounter in New York, I've started to recognize the privileges I have, and the ones I definitely don't have.

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Colour - Homepage UI

Simplifying the experience.

It's a weird spin on the "Choose your own adventure" concept that lets any user step into a colour, and see how far it takes them.

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Sitemap - Information Architecture

More fuel to the fire.

Finding the right way to communicate the message came from all types of inspiration. From seeing the celebration and vilification of beards, to an impactful moment in Family Guy.

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Source of Inspiration - Beards, Colour Palette